1. What are the dates of departure and arrival? And can these dates be changed? 
  • Departure is July 6, 2019, from Miami
  • Arrival is July 11, 2019, back in Miami
  • The dates of departure and arrival are FIRM
2. Can I RSVP on the Family Facebook Page, by email or by phone?
All RSVPs are to be entered on the website. Please note you can RSVP for other members of your family ( you can enter as many a 10 "guest" names in RSVPs at once). 
3. What happens after I've filled out my online RSVP?
Our planning team will be in touch with you to provide you with information regarding the reservation process. 
4. Where can I find additional information on what to bring? Getting to and from the port? Travel documents etc.? Or anything pertaining to customer service?
Please go to:  https://www.carnival.com/help
5. What if I have a real good reason not to be there?
Good reason for not being there:
If you are receiving a Nobel peace prize between July 6 and 11, 2019
If you are incarcerated between July 6 and 11, 2019
If you are deployed in the army betwen July 6 and 11, 2019

If none of these reasons apply to you, then you do not have a good reason and therefore should make every effort to make it :-)
6. Can we change the cruise to a land destination ? 

The rationale behind being on a cruise : 
1. We will ACTUALLY be spending quality time together as a family
2. We will ACTUALLY take vacations, relax... together, not having to worry about lodging, food etc.
7. What if I just want to go to Miami and not take part in the cruise ?
Think about it, when will you get to do this? And reunite with family members that are spread out all over the world? Please do consider this opportunity.

Being in Miami does not inherently make you a part of this reunion. Being on the cruise with other family members does!! 
8. Do I need a passport ?
American Citizens do not need a passport but it is a good idea to have one...
For more information click on the following link: https://www.passportsandvisas.com/cruise/lines/carnival-cruises
9. Can I invite friends ?
Short Version:

Spouse = Yes
Friend = No

Longer Version:

This event being a Family Reunion, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, business partners, buddies... are not invited. We are looking to create an experience where we reunite as a family and attempt to bond as much as possible during this short period of time. And that can often be difficult to accomplish when we are together, let alone with other friends around...

10. When do I deposit $25 to reserve a cabin ? 
Now, like right after you read this

Kounyé a lè ou fin li mesaj sa 

Tout de suite, juste après avoir lu ce message

11. Once I have made the $25 deposit, when and how do I make my first monthly payment ?
Please refer to the PAYMENTS page of this website where all information pertaining to payments links and installments can be found. Follow the 3 STEPS outlined. 

For further information regarding this and the process please contact us either by messaging us on the Contact us page of this website or sending us an email by clicking the following link josephfamilyreunion2019@yahoo.com.